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Two Men in Office

                              Our Staff

Director (Erbil and Sulemani)

Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Gharib

Manager (Erbil and Sulemani)

MSc Chra Ghafour Aziz

Head of Qualifications 

Assistant Professor Dr. Basira Najm  

Board Committee Members

Professor Dr. Mohammed Xoshnaw

Professor Dr. Kawa Mohamed Qaraxy

Assistant Professor Dr. Basira Najm 

Mr. Bahroz Mahmood


Assistant Professor Dr. Basira Najm (Sulemani branch) 

Dr. Luqman Mohammed (Erbil branch) 

Dr. Rezhin Fatah (Sulemani branch)  

Mr. Adeal Haydeer (Erbil branch)  

Employee Staff

Miss Randa Yawer (Sulemani branch) 

Mr. Bakar Ismail (Erbil branch)  

Miss Zeen Ramzy (Erbil branch)  

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