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How to Apply


Who Is Eligible To Apply?

To apply, you need to visit the institute. To know more about the locations click here 

To be eligible to apply; you would either need:

  • Year 9 degree *

  • Year 12 degree

  • Institute degree

  • Vocational degree

  • University degree or higher

* Those with a year 9 degree must take a Math and English test that does not take more than 30 minutes before applying to this institute. 

    However, if the individual has a degree higher than a year 9; then there is no need for any tests and can apply right away. 


How Can You Apply? 

To apply, visit the institute as you will meet administrators and our tutors. 


Once applying, there would be a form to fill out. Later you would need to bring these documents to officially become our student:


1. Original Passport and a copy

2. Original Identity card and a copy

3. A copy of your highest degree

4. Six personal photos 

​5. Tuition fee

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