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British Institute of Accounting and Management

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

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College Information

British Institute for Accounting & Management BIAM is one of the world-approved colleges, providing learning services in Book-keeping, Accounting and Management courses, leading to internationally recognised qualifications.


BIAM offers a high quality of qualifications as well as a high learning quality system using the latest British tools and techniques, with flexible learning space that can be adapted to meet the needs of the students, we provide our students with all study materials needed during the course.


The college has been approved by the Ministry of Education in Kurdistan, also accredited by leading professional awarding body in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the qualifications are recognised and respected not nationally, but also throughout the world.

Our reputation for cutting-edge courses continues to grow with each passing year. This grow of success has met the level of appreciations by many professionals and inspectors from UK and Kurdistan, who they had visited our college.

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